Paparazzi tracking

Two photographers and all the material recorded for you

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As they say fame is expensive and it has a price ... Can you imagine "suffering" the harassment of a paparazzi while you enjoy a special evening as a couple? It is an original experience and so fun with which you can surprise your partner on his/her birthday.

You dare? At Events For You Barcelona we encourage you to do so.

What is this about? The protagonist of the birthday will put in the skin of a celebrity in this nice joke with which you can laugh every time you remember. During the evening of celebration that will take place in a public place, two paparazzi will organize a real stir poking you with questions while you take pictures.

To increase the mess, an accomplice will ask you for an autograph, a photo and you will sing the most anticipated happy birthday ... It will be the moment to recover the calm and to return to the normality of your celebration.



Moreover, a professional of our team will immortalize the face and gestures of the "victim" to preserve forever this fantastic moment. It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable birthday!

The price includes:

The work of an actor and two photographers.