This option is only for boys who want to break with the routine and who love check new things. ¿Are you one of them?. Events For You Barcelona brings to you the ancient Japanese tradition of eat little peaces of raw fish with rice on the model’s body.

Today is an exclusive practice that let connect the sense of taste and sight with the sensuality. Surprise the boyfriend or girlfriend with a special evening.

¿Have you ever eat on the naked body of someone? ¡This is your opportunity!

Body Sushi is a Japanese tradition that started 100 years ago. It consists don eat peaces of sushi (raw fish with rice) on the naked body of beautiful geishas. This phenomenon has arrived at the west zone for 4 years. This activity only takes part in exclusive places of Europe or EEUU.

Discover an old gastronomic Japanese tradition that will wake up all your senses where you will find erotic dab and a lot of luxury! It’s a dinner exclusive for sushi lovers. Private dinner without limits, guided to boy’s groups, girls and mix.

If you want to surprise your friends enjoying of an original dinner, ¡this is your option! The kitchen is Japanese, for this reason, the principal ingredient is the sushi but the way they serve it’s very different: there’s no tray nor plates…

Here, ¡We eat on naked body!

¿What includes the plan?

Dinner in private tatami with feminine model. The Japanese dinner will be unlimited with an included drink (glass, beer or soda-drink)

Menú with unlimited sushi and five dishes to choose between:

Miso soup

Miso soup with clams

Seafood soup



Homemade salad

Octopus salad

Mussels with Salpicon

Japanese sauce

Salad of soybean

Sprouts with seaweed

Fried dumplings



Fried rice with meat and vegetables

Japanese fried noodles with prawns

Japanese bread

Mini fried roll with meat and vegetables

Triangle fried stuffed meats

Fried croquette with ham and cheese

Fried croquette with mushrooms

San Jacobos with ham and cheese

Calamari a la Romana

Fried crab thighs

Fried shrimp

Fried maki

Fried variety tempura chicken stick

Mushroom skewer

Veal skewer

Sausage skewer with Teriyaki sauce

Prawn bite

Octopus bite

Salmon skewer

Rib with Terayaki sauce

Chicken breast patty

Roast Chicken with teraiyaki sauce

Chicken breast with sesame

Prawn pie

Crep fried prawns

Fried prawns roll

California maki

Maki assortment

Hana Maki

Futo Maki

Nigiri sushi assorted


Prawns with salt and pepper

Sepia with salt and pepper

Frog legs

Veal with Japanese sauce

Sweet and sour chicken with sauce

Chicken with lemon

Roasted duck with Japanese sauce

Ironed knifed

Prawns on the plate

Sauteed vegetables

Scallops on the plate

1 drink for person included

Minimum 6 people per group and maximum 20 people per group.