Bodysushi Farewell Barcelona

 you want to surprise the groom or girlfriend enjoying an original dinner, different and surprising, this is your choice! Let us give you some clues ... The cuisine is Japanese so the main ingredient is sushi but the way it is served is different and far removed from all conventionalism: there is no tray, no plates ... Here, you eat on a naked body!

 It is a suggestive option, only suitable for people who run away from normal and who love to try new things. Are you one of them? Events For You Barcelona brings you directly from Japan the Body Sushi, the ancient tradition of eating portions of raw fish and rice on the body of the geishas.

Nowadays it is an exclusive practice that allows to perfectly connect the senses of taste and sight in a sensual and daring way. Surprise the groom or girlfriend with a special evening in which you can sate and delight the palate to the fullest!

 Have you ever eaten on a person's naked body? This is your chance!

Body Sushi is a Japanese tradition dating back a hundred years and that consists of eating portions of sushi (raw fish and rice) on the semi-naked body of beautiful geishas. This phenomenon has reached the west about four years ago and is practiced only in very exclusive places in Europe and the United States.

 Originally called Nyotaimori, which made reference to the fact that it was a practice for men only, but this practice evolved to be practiced also by women, known in this case as Naintaimori.

 This fantastic tradition is considered as an artistic practice, where the senses of taste and sight are cohesive. Dare to taste the sensuality and delicacy of this ancient culinary art!

 Menu without limits, dishes to choose from: 55 €

Sopa de Miso

Miso Soup

 Miso Soup with Clams


Seafood soup


Cooked Prawns


Homemade salad


Octopus salad


Mussels with Salpicón

 Clams with Japanese Sauce


Sprout Salad with Seaweed


Grilled pie

Frying pan


Steamed Prawn Pie


Fried Rice with Meat and Vegetables


Fried rice with shrimp


Fried Rice with Veal

Japanese Fried Noodles


Fried Noodles with Prawns

Japanese Pan


Tuna stuffed tortilla


Mini fried roll with meat and vegetables


Mini fried roll with vegetables

Fried triangle stuffed meats


Fried Croquettes with Ham and Cheese


Fried Croquettes with Mushrooms


San Jacobos (Cordon bleu) with Ham and Cheese


Fried Fritters


Squids a la Romana

Fried Crab Muslitos

Fried Shrimp Tortilla


Fried Maki


Fried Various Tempura


Chicken stick


Mushroom Skewer


Veal Skewer


Sausage Skewer with Teriyaki Sauce


Shrimp Skewer


Octopus skewer


Salmon Skewer


Rib with Teriyaki Saucei


Chicken breast patty


Roasted Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce


Chicken Breast with Sesame


Breaded prawns


Fried prawns Crepes


Fried Prawn Roll


California Maki


Mixed Maki

Hana Maki


Futo Maki



Nigiri Sushi




Prawns with Salt and Pepper


Sepia with Salt and Pepper


Frog legs


Veal with Japanese Sauce


Sour Cream Chicken with Sauce


Chicken with Lemon


Roasted Duck with Japanese Sauce




Grilled Prawns


Sauteed vegetables