Farewell adventure Paintball Barcelona

Remove all tension!!

 Ready to unload the accumulated tension for the frenetic pace of life before the wedding? If you are planning to celebrate an exciting, fun and important bachelor party with important action doses for the boyfriend or girlfriend to release adrenaline make these "unsuspecting" to leave singleton in a "battle" of paintball.

It’s an adventure experience, a game in which friends can compete by throwing colored balls in a series of very dynamic mini-games. where laughter is more than assured. If you want to win, aim well and make your opponents finish the game painted from the bottom to the top!

And to round off this bachelor party with the game as a protagonist, you can enjoy a succulent barbeque to recharge and comment the play as if you were authentic warriors. At Events For you Barcelona we are convinced that the couple will be delighted. You dare?

 What does Events For you Barcelona offer you¿ Bachelor party for him or for her with paintball game + barbeque

 What does the party include?

  •  The paintballs of the game
  •  A duration game from 1 hour 30 minuts to 3 hours
  •  Protections for your body
  •  Markers
  •  Instructor
  • Assurance

 Price per balls: 30€/person 500 units

What does the menu includes?

  • Salad from the garden.
     Sausages from Berguedà.
  • Bread with tomato.
  • Grilled meat grilled with garnish
  • House cake, yogurt or fruit.
  • Drink (wine, water and soda).
  • .Coffee.

 Price: 19€/person