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6 people / 8 people (+60€)


Are you prepared to live the PARTY of your life? If that’s what you are looking for, for the friend who is getting married, you will have it. Promised! Events For You Barcelona organizes the perfect bachelor party with the most original and fun dinner, with spicy show, with laughter, action and authentic party in one of Barcelona's fashionable nightclubs, among many other services.
You have our word that we’ll prepare an unforgettable celebration from the beginning until the end in which you will enjoy as if there was no tomorrow. This is a truly unbeatable offer. Just say yes to our whole super fun pack  ... Are you ready? YES!



What do Events For You Barcelona offer you?
Super fun farewell pack to choose from (comical or erotic dinner) with free bar during dinner, Mercedes deluxe van ride for 2 hours, fun gymkhana, disco and much more!


What does it include?
Airport pick-up and 2-hour ride through Barcelona on a 9-seat deluxe Mercedes.
You can choose the time that best suits your needs or preferences
A professional, fun and with a lot of spark chauffeur will ride the van!
You will enjoy 2 bottles of cava in the van. And you can immortalize with photos the best moments making stops in the most emblematic and crowded places of the city. There will be a photo report during the ride with a professional camera. For free!
In addition, you will drink the cava in "anti-cut" and disposable cups, so you don’t have to worry about anything!
You can enjoy your favorite music on the way. Bring a USB with your favorite songs and enjoy the music just the way you like!
You can make a stop at the Ramblas in Barcelona so that the group make noise and you can make a joke to the boyfriend or girlfriend!
We will have fun with a 1 hour gymkhana on the beach of Barceloneta where you can unleash fun, laughter and get all the adrenaline!
But if you prefer a quieter and more sensual option we will visit the macro erotic shop Bcn.
You’ll also have free admission to one of the city's most fashionable discos before 02:00.
Free round of shots in La sala foryou.
Comedy dinner or erotic dinner at ‘Chickens Restaurant’ that includes free bar of sangria, beer or water during the dinner.

Farewell menu at Chickens Restaurant (you can also view the menu at the web tab restaurants) located at the Olympic Port of Barcelona

 Where is all the nightlife and parties of the city