Photo session, dinner at the Puerto Olímpico, disco entrance + drink

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-Mercedes van limousine through Barcelona (30 min) with cava glass during the travel.

-Photos of the group in the most emblematic places of Barcelona.

-Dinner in a Puerto Olimpico restaurant (Chicken bar buffet or “La casa mejicana”)

-Open bar during the dinner, beer or water

-Entrance and cava glass in Shoko or Catwalk club

*Other clubs where you can go: Opium+Pacha, Bikini, Hyde Club or Soho

This pack have a ride of 30 minutes through emblematic places of Barcelona in an excellent Mercedes van. During the ride we will stop in different places of the city to make photos (we will send you all the material through mail). You will enjoy a cava glass per person. For the dinner, you will choose between “Chicken’s restaurant” or “La casa mejicana”. Both restaurants are located in Puerto Olimpico of Barcelona, free time zone. To close the night, you will go to “Shoko” with a free cava glass.


STARTER (to choose):

Beverly Hills salad (with bacon and manchego cheese)

Cesar salad (with lettuce, chicken, parmesano and cesar sauce)

Veggy salad (with lettuce, tomato, cheese and red pesto)

SECOND (to choose):

Chicken’s pizza

Margarita pizza


Roast chicken (half per person)

Chicken’s canelloni


“Crema catalana”

Drink per person to choose: Wine glass, beer, soft-drink and mineral water

*Open bar of sangria during the dinner, beer or water for a supplement of 6€ per person.

The mexican menu includes:

STARTER (to choose between):

-Chicken chilates (grind nacho with tomato sauce and yogurt with grilled cheese)

Mexican potatoes (Yogurt sauce and tomato with grilled cheese)

Quesadilla (Spicy pork sausage )

Taco (tinga, stewed chicken, “vega” with vegetables, steak veal, chilli with meat)

Norteña salad (bacon, lettuce with sauce and croutones)

Cesar salad (marinated chicken with sauce, classic sauce, dab of parmesan cheese and croutones)

Tuna salad (lettuce, tomato and onion)

Classic nachos (Cheddar, guacamole and beak cock)

SECOND (to choose between):

Burritos (veal, chicken, ground meat, chili with meat and vegetables)

Enchiladas (chicken, veal, chili with meat and vegetables)

Stew of home (chili with meat, garnish and 3 omelets)

Rotisserie chicken ¼ (with roast potatoes)

Veal (200g of tender veal, and grill with roast potatoes)


Cake of the day

Mexican coffee

DRINK (to choose for 1 person)



Red wine from the house

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