Limousine ride + tupper sex + mexican dinner + photo booth and disco!

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and unbeatable price to enjoy a night out in Barcelona only suitable for girls with a pack of entertainment and nightlife of the most complete.

The professionals at Events For You Barcelona have prepared exclusively for you a plan that includes a limousine ride, champagne, mischievous session of Tupper Sex, dinner with a
drink wrapped in a Mexican theme where there will be a photo booth, atrezzos and entrance to a fashionable nightclub. This lady's night is ideal for groups of 8, 9 and 10 girls wanting to have fun, to celebrate a birthday or even the bachelorette party of your sister, friend or whoever you want ...
What are you waiting for?

What does the plan include?   - Lincoln limousine ride through Barcelona (30 min)    - 2 bottles of cava    - Tupper Sex session in private bar for 1 hour and a half with glass of wine or soft drink. (without minimum purchase of product)    - Dinner at the Mexican House Restaurant    - Photo booth service and various props to disguise or complement your look (possibility of uploading photos to social networks)    - Entrance and glass of cava in disco Shoko or Catwalk (* Other dicsotecas: Opium + Pacha, Bikini, Hyde Club or Soho.

The Mexican menu includes: First dish to choose: Chilates of chicken (crushed nachos with tomato sauce and yogurt with gratin cheese) Mexican potatoes (yogurt sauce and tomato with cheese gratin) Quesadillas (chorizo, ham, ground beef and chili con carne) Tacos (tinga, chicken stew, vega with vegetables, veal steak, chili con carne) Northern Salad (bacon, lettuce with sauce and croutons) Caesar salad (chicken marinated with lettuce, classic sauce, a touch of Parmesan cheese and croutons) Tuna salad (lettuce, tomato and onion) Classic nachos (cheddar, guacamole and pico de gallo) Second dish to choose: Burritos (veal, chicken, ground beef, chili with beef and vegetables) Enchiladas (chicken, veal, chili with beef and vegetables) Stew of the house (chili with beef, garnish and 3 tortillas) Firewood chicken 1/4 (with roasted potatoes) Veal cut (200 g of tender and tasty grilled veal accompanied with roasted potatoes) Dessert or coffe: Cake of the day Mexican coffee Drinks to choose (1 per person): Soda Beer cup Red wine glass of the house