Restaurants and theme dinners Barcelona

You love to taste delicious plates but you love more to enjoy a fantastic celebration evening with the best company. We know it and that’s why we want to offer you some succulent gastronomic plans and theme dinners at fashioned restaurants to satisfy your demanding taste.

At Events For You Barcelona we establish collaborations with a wide range of local restaurants that make everyone’s delights. Those are ideal restaurants to celebrate your birthday, a stag-party or whatever you want.

This is all about giving importance to a great meal and to the professionality of the chefs combined with all the desire of enjoying a meal with your party’s guests and friends.

Shall we start opening our mouths? Our restaurants are waiting for you !!


Chicken Bar Restaurant

From the sea and earth… chicken! The chicken is the protagonist of this restaurant, without doubt. As the name tells itself, this popular bird is prepared and cooked in so many ways in this new establishment located next to the Olympic Port of Barcelona. This is perfect to make your night special. From Events For You Barcelona, we offer you the best gastronomic experiences.

The passion for chicken of the professionals of Chicken Bar is remarkable in lots of his cookings in different forms: pizzas, hamburgers, croquettes, quesadillas and a long etcetera based on the menu of this local destined to triomf because of its originality and design.

Chicken Bar is perfect to have a friends dinner, to take the first drink of the night chosen from an extensive cocktail list at the nice terrace and then go out to have fun in the Olympic Port or maybe the Barceloneta.

Address : Dirección: Carrer de la Marina, núm 16, Local 10. 08005, Barcelona.



The paella tastes better if you eat it next to the sea! Get yourself this double pleasure at Chicken Bar next to the Olympic Port of Barcelona. Of course, if you prefer to taste its main speciality based on chicken it’s the time to do it. You’ll love it! There are menus for 2 or 4 people so you can enjoy it with your couple, with your family or with your best friends, as you want!

 - The seafood paella menu includes:

  First course to choose

 Beverly Hills salad (with bacon and manchego cheese)

 Caesar Salad (with lettuce, spicy chicken, parmesan and caesar sauce)


 Second course to choose:

 Seafood paella

 roast chicken



 Catalan cream


 Drinks to choose (1drink/person)

 Glass of wine

 any kind of soda

 Glass of sangria

 Watter bottle

* The second course must be the same for both people (paella or chicken)


 Chicken Menu Price 15€

- The chicken menu includes:

 First course to choose

 Beverly Hills salad (with bacon and manchego cheese)

 Caesar Salad (with lettuce, spicy chicken, parmesan and caesar sauce)

 Veggy Salad (with lettuce, tomatoe, cheese and red pesto)


 Second course to choose

 Chicken pizza

 Margherita pizza

 Macaroni & cheese

 Roasted chicken (half per person)

 Chicken cannelloni



 Catalan cream


Drinks to choose (1 drink/person)

 Glass of wine

 Any kind of soda

Glass of sangria

 Water bottle

 Photos of the theme dinner menu “The mediterranean dream”


 Mexican House Restaurant

Lovers of the most exotic cuisine and especially the one prepared with the most delicious recipes of Mexican gastronomy are in luck because they can taste the ingredients and flavors characteristic of Mexico. Nachos, tacos, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas and lots of spice! If all these tasty dishes resonate in your ears as celestial music then make your celebrations to the Mexican style!

At the Mexican House Restaurant you’ll be able to enjoy a great and original dinner next to the sea at the Olympic Port of Barcelona. It is an incredible place that offers you delicacies made with love by these excellent professionals, the best service and such an enjoyable environment.

15€-  Mexican  menu includes:

 First course to choose

Chicken chilates (Crushed nachos with tomato sauce and yogurt with gratin cheese)

Potatoes to the Mexican (yogurt and tomato sauce with gratin cheese)

Quesadillas (chorizo, ham, ground beef and chili with meat)

Tacos (tinga, chicken stew, vega with vegetables, beef steak, chili with meat)

Northern Salad (bacon, lettuce with sauce and croutons)

Caesar salad (marinated chicken with lettuce, classic sauce, touch of Parmesan cheese and croutons)

Tuna salad (lettuce, tomato and onion)

Classic nachos (cheddar, guacamole and pico de gallo)


Second course to choose

Burritos (beef, chicken, ground beef, chili with meat and vegetables)

Enchiladas (chicken, beef, chili with meat and vegetables)

Stew of the house (chili with meat, garnish and 3 tortillas)

Firewood roasted chicken 1/4 (with roasted potatoes)

Beef cut (200 g of tender beef grilled and accompanied with roasted potatoes)

Dessert or coffee

Cake of the day

Mexican coffee


Drinks to choose ( 1 per person)

Any kind of soda


Glass of red wine


Theme dinner “The mediterranean dream”

 If you love theme dinners and you never had the chance to come to “the mediterranean dream” now it’s the time!! Here, in Events For You Barcelona we want to make you enjoy a different night with a succulent dinner, lot of surprises and activities of art, magic, originality and fun in abundance.  

“The mediterranean dream” is a program designed by our excellent artistic team. A cast of dancers performing fascinating tribal shows, flamenco art, cabaret and much more. At the end of the evening, guests will also shine with their own light. You will be the protagonists of a very fun and interactive farewell.

 Are you curious already? Then, do not let others tell you. Discover yourself the secrets hidden by "The Mediterranean Dream" and you will not regret it! You’ll choose if you want to complete this fantastic show with a delicious dinner or maybe a drink of your choice. Tailor made party ideal to complete any type of celebration.

The A menu includes (49€) :

Brie delights salad with nuts and raspberry vinaigrette.

 Chicken croquettes (3 units).

Crunchy chicken with garnish (potatoes or salad).

 Crunchy hake fillet with tartar sauce and garnish (potatoes or salad)


Glass of ice cream to choose from, pineapple carpaccio or coffee


Bebida:- Drinks

Glass of wine, of sangría or any kind of soda


Show + drinking glass to choose (19€)

 More details about “the mediterranean dream”

The show is held in Calle Muntaner nº 7 (take a look to the map below to discover how to get there) on saturdays, from 9.30PM to 00.00h