Speed dating Barcelona


If you are single, you run out of time to meet new people and you would like to try an effective method to find love, the speed dating of Events For You Barcelona is everything you need to get a couple.


We know that happiness begins by loving and valuing yourself first but if you have experienced the many benefits of shared life you will know that everything adds up and that it is much better with that special person who’s waiting for you ... May we help you meet her/him?


That’s why we hold these events and activities for singles such as speed dating. It is a fun, fast and very effective way to meet potential suitors to occupy your heart.


Boys and girls: we give you the opportunity to meet each other, we create a favorable environment, we foster an informal atmosphere and we put on a tray the possibility that you start a conversation that will allow you to check if there is an affinity or give you a first idea of your level of compatibility.


If the expected spark comes, the famous crush, if there is a special feeling or that chemistry and good understanding between you that encourage you to continue knowing more details in depth, we will help you in a very romantic and ideal  way!

Leave the hang ups aside, try speed dating and deploy your best weapons at the presentations. You will enjoy looking for your partner, finding a special friend or whatever happens ... It’s said that love comes when you less expects it to come, that’s all you need and infinite things more, so you just rely on popular wisdom.


We give you the opportunity to meet single people with the same goals as you. Do you dare? Everyone recommends it already!

In Events For You Barcelona we consider ourselves artists of the pairing so, you know, if you are single it’s because you want ... We dominate this method and we present you candidates to steal your heart, we offer you the possibility that you find love or We make it easy for you to live a romantic experience, saving time!


Because meeting new people through applications is not bad, but discovering your new love directly in person is much better! They say that the first impression is the one that counts ... Find your partner or have fun trying it on speed dating of Events For You Barcelona. It's the best way to do it, the fashion event ... Long live to the love!

Speed dating



If you are between 25 and 35 years old and you are looking for a partner, don’t hesitate to sign up now! Contact us via Whatsapp or via e-mail.

If you join one of our speed dating, you will have the opportunity to meet 5 to 15 people of the same age range and with the same desire as you to have a pleasant time. For several minutes you can talk to each of these people to make a first impression that lets you know if you want to continue to know more.



Meet that special person you've been looking for!

Check your affinities with others with speed dating.

With the professional organization of Events For You Barcelona. They are ideal, you will love them!

You will transfer to a date in Mirablau with everything in your favor to know you well if it arises the desired crush!


 Speed dating with drink


Independence is good but to live romantic experiences and share special moments of your life with your lover is even better. Forget the loneliness and take advantage of this opportunity to meet interesting people and start a relationship as you always dreamed!

Sign up for the quick appointments organized by Foryoubarcelona and meet someone very special!

 What does Events For You Barcelona offer you?


  • - Option 1: Speed dating date + drink for girls*
  •  Option 2: Speed dating date + drink for boys*



* If the crush comes, the option also includes the transfer to Mirablau (in Mercedes van with complimentary glass of champagne) so that you have a second instant date. There, you can enjoy the best views of Barcelona and continue meeting each other in a bar or nightclub and even taste a special menu. That’s the way we make the difference with the competition!

How does speed dating work?


At the beginning, one of our organizers will explain how everything works and will solve any questions you may have.

Then you will be given a sticker with your name or nickname, a pen and a card where you can write your impressions and vote with a number to each of your appointments (you can vote for all the participants you want since the vote is free And secret).

Once all the results have been studied, they will communicate through e-mail the coincidences and will put you in touch with that other person for a second appointment.

There is someone special waiting for you closer than you think. Take advantage of this opportunity that Foryoubarcelona offers you with speed dating events: Your sentimental future can change in a moment!

Frequent questions


You dare?


The quick appointments will take place in one of our places of Barcelona, always enlivened and with the expert advice of our team. It is an excellent opportunity to make friends and maybe to meet the love of your life!

 What kind of people go to speed dating?


People looking for fun, usually single boys and girls hoping to find a partner or make new friends like you. The majority of participants are usually Spanish but any nationality is welcome!

 What is Speed Dating?


It’s an event organized for singles, in groups selected by age ranges between 25-35, 30-40 and 35-45. You can enjoy 5 minutes of chat with each of the participants. Then a bell will sound indicating the change of table until you get to speak with all the attendees. The duration of the evening is approximately 1h30m.

 How much does it cost to participate?



The price for the boys is € 25 per person and includes a drink (soda, beer or combo). The price for the girls is 15 € per person and includes a drink (soda or beer). We have 2 payment methods:


Cash in the same place.

What if I can’t attend the evening at the last minute?

In case you can not attend, it is important that you notify us as soon as possible. This way, another person can register and take your place. If you notify with time (at least 24 hours before) your pay and signal will be used for the next event.

Phone/Whatsapp: +34 671 515 990