Discover an ancient Japanese gastronomic tradition that will awaken all your senses where you will find erotic touches and a lot of luxury! It is a dinner only suitable for lovers of sushi and strong emotions. Get ready to taste authentic delicacies on a naked body. You dare? Private and unlimited dinner, aimed at groups of men, women and mixed.

If you want to surprise your friends enjoying an original dinner, different and most surprising, this is your choice! We give you some clues ... The cuisine is Japanese so the main ingredient is sushi but the way it is served is different and far from all conventionalism: there is no tray, no plates ... Here, you eat on a naked body!

It is a very suggestive option, only suitable for people who run away from the normal and who love to try new things. Are you one of them? Events For You Barcelona brings you directly from Japan the Bodysushi, the ancient tradition of eating portions of raw fish with rice on the body of geisha.

Nowadays it is an exclusive practice that allows us to unite perfectly the senses of taste and sight in a sensual and most daring way. Surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with an evening of the most special, in which you can sate and delight the palate to the fullest!

Have you ever eaten on a person's naked body? This is your chance!
Body Sushi is a Japanese tradition that goes back a hundred years and consisted of eating portions of sushi (raw fish with rice) on the half-naked body of beautiful geisha. This phenomenon has reached the West about four years ago and is practiced only in very exclusive places in Europe and the US.

In its origin it was called Nyotaimori, which meant it was a practice only for men, but this practice evolved to be practiced also by women, known in this case as Naintaimori.

This fantastic tradition is considered as an artistic practice, where the senses of taste and sight cohere favorably. Dare to taste the sensuality and delicacy of this ancestral culinary art!

Price: € 55 / person

Minimum 6 people, maximum 20